Top 3 Favorite Free Slot Casino Games You Should Play Now

The traditional gum machines have made it a fun activity to play free slots. And you can find these slot machines in many online casinos like ahw99 wallet provides. Slot Casino Games are the simplest and oldest casino games to exist. Nowadays, developers are creating even better slot games to attract more people.

Top 3 Favourite Free Slot Casino Games You Should Play Before You Die

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Let’s take a look at what these free slots have to offer to the users.

Free Spin Bonuses & Bonus Rounds

Bonuses are something that can make or break a casino’s value. Most bonus providers are those online casinos that want people to play slot games rather than simple table games. For that reason, they offer free spins to the players. Even if you land the right symbol, you’ll get real money. A few of these casino bonuses are:

Free Spins 

The free spin is the most used promotional offer in any online casino. You’ll be allowed to play different rounds on a slot without any cost. So, it is recommended not to risk the amount you’ve brought at such moment. The reason is that free casino games will give you an idea of how you can play better when your real money is on the line. You may also consider these as a welcome bonus from the online casino. These days, developers also like to include this feature as an online slot machine’s reward.

Free Credit

With free credits, players can play many online casino games for free. These are mainly for beginners who have just signed in to the casino’s website. You may or may not have to deposit some amount to avail these free credits based on the online gambling site. But mostly, the loyal and regular customers get these bonus offers. Free credits may include free spins you can use for playing slot machine games or bonus money to play table games. In either case, you get a bright chance to win real money which is what you enter the casino for.

Scatter Symbol

It unlocks many games along with free spins which will bring with them so many exciting features. You don’t need to align the symbols on paylines in this case. They just need to appear on the reels in order for you to collect the bonuses. That’s the reason why scatter symbols have utmost importance in online casinos. But their features vary depending on the gameplay. So, make sure that you get an idea about its features before using it.

3 Reels & 5 Reels Machines

3 Reels Machines mainly point towards casino slots creation and are quite simple to use. They use fruits as symbols alongside diamonds and bars. As far as 5 Reels Machines are concerned,  players like those video slots due to varying themes, different paylines, excellent visuals, and a number of bonuses such as jackpots and extra rounds of games it offers.

Now since you’ve got an idea of why slot casino games are important and what they’ve to offer, let’s see which are the top three favorite free slot casino games you must play before you die.

free casino slots malaysia
free casino slots malaysia

Favorite Free Slot Casino Games

Since there are many different slot titles available online, you may not settle for a single one. So, we’ve made it easier for you. Here are some of the slots you might have been looking for, no matter whether you’re in las vegas or Malaysia. In las vegas casinos, they call these as vegas slots.

Buffalo Free Play Slots

If you are looking for a classic slot game, this one is for you. There are more than 1000 ways for you to win it. Since it is a 5-reels slot, gamblers need to unlock those reels. They’ll get free spins also if they land 3 or more symbols. Gamblers may not see any progressive jackpot, but they can earn credits after landing 5 buffalo symbols also. Before going to put any bet, you may also play a demo version to see how things work in this top 918kiss casino slot game. Moreover, you can play it on your android or any other mobile device also.

5 Dragons 

5 Dragons is another video slot that is included in one of the best slot games. You can win big by using the 25 free spins along with 5 reels wisely because these free games don’t have jackpot slots to offer. You’ll have 243 ways to win which are more than enough for a beginner because the players who’ve been a part of different tournaments previously may find it easy to play. The visuals are great and the splitting of edges after a player wins makes it even more adorable.

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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another great 5-reel slot game but it’s different from other games of its type. Not like we can compare to games like video poker or American roulette that have a number of features to offer, including the one that lets you use bitcoins as deposit bonus. But it is different in terms of the number of rows in different reels. The fruit symbols available in it are also exciting. These symbols may help you win several bonuses despite the absence of bonus codes. It provides you with almost 720 ways to win. If you’re a pro player, you may earn up to 250,000 coins.


Besides these, you may also look for slot machines that offer free spins and other such bonuses. These include Microgaming gambling slots, NetEnt Slot machine, and Bally Free Slot Machine, all of these are some of the best software providers (Mega888) at the moment. Also, if you don’t want to download different games and want to play online or instantly, that option is available.

Once you enter any casino, you must play demo versions and when you feel like you’ve become a pro, start betting and don’t stop until you win something bigger than your expectations. You may lose some money also but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming one of the best in the business.